Welcome to your new home

Living independently at university can be one of the most amazing experiences, for you and your housemates, some of the most important people you’ll ever meet.

We want you to enjoy your time here so we’ve put together this guide of everything you need to know, about living in your new student home. 

General Information

Your rent is payable by direct debit. You’ll receieve a request to set this up as part of the online tenancy signing process.

As a full-time student, you won’t need to pay council tax but it is your responsibility to apply for exemption via City of York Council’s website. Please don’t attempt to apply for exemption until after your tenancy has started as you could inadvertently affect the current occupiers' account by doing it too early.

It’s essential you have insurance for your possessions and any mishaps. Thankfully Sinclair Properties include a limited contents insurance policy as part of our bespoke bills inclusive package. You can view the policy document online during the tenancy signing process. It may be that some of your belongings are not covered, so we advise you to review the policy and extend your cover as required. Please be aware your landlord is not responsible for damage or loss of your possessions, regardless of the cause.

During your tenancy, a representative from Sinclair Properties or your landlord will pop in to check your property for any maintenance issues. You’ll be given plenty of notice before a visit, which usually only takes 10-20 minutes. You don’t have to be present, but it’s helpful if you can be.

Home Maintenance


Sometimes things go wrong in a property. From broken appliances to leaky taps and more, reporting any maintenance issues couldn’t be easier.

Use our FixFlo to let us know about any issues. You can even upload photos from your phone. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Please note all non-emergency maintenance must be reported via the tenant portal. For emergencies only, please call our property management during office hours on 01904 427 428.

If you smell gas or notice a gas leak, call the emergency gas leak helpline on 0800 111 999

Report maintenance

Lost Keys

If you lose your keys, we might have a spare set we can lend so that you can get a new set cut. You’ll need to call us to check we have keys, then bring ID, leave a deposit of £50 and your ID, and return the set we lend you within 24 hours. Please note we do not guarantee to have a spare set and collection times are only possible during normal opening hours.

If you are locked out while we are closed, you will need to stay at a friend’s or arrange a locksmith at your own expense.

Occupancy Guidelines


Unlike living on campus, living in private student accommodation means you are surrounded by other residents of the city. This means you’ll need to take your neighbours into consideration with noise and behaviour.

As a tenant with Sinclair Properties, you have a responsibility to your neighbours and to your landlord, so keep in mind these guidelines:

  • Keep the exterior areas of your home tidy and clean. This includes front and rear gardens.
  • Ensure rubbish is placed in your wheelie bin and recycling boxes and put out on the right day. If you are missing a wheelie bin or recycling box you can order new ones for free from the York City Council website.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum, if you’re planning a party, make sure you inform your neighbours first and even then, keep noise levels down.


Honesty, consideration, mutual respect, discussion, compromise and understanding are key in learning to live with your housemates:

  • Talk to your housemates
  • Set ground rules
  • Discuss personal habits, sleeping schedules, musical tastes, needs, wants and expectations
  • Seek help from your University if an issue does arise between housemates
  • Try to be accepting and understanding of alternative lifestyles
  • Plan in advance for overnight guests, and be considerate
  • Keep accurate records of all bills that you share.
  • Make an effort to keep your living space clean, comfortable and pleasant. The more liveable your space is, the happier and more productive you will be
  • Remember: you are all equally responsible for communal cleaning. We recommend you set up a cleaning rota to ensure everyone does their fair share each week


This is your home, so feel free to have guests over, but remember the same social responsibilities apply, and you are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of your guests.

As outlined in your tenancy agreement, there is a maximum stay of 2 CONSECUTIVE DAYS for guests. You should always discuss and agree with your housemates before inviting guests to your home.


We want you to feel safe in your new home, so here’s a few helpful tips to keeping you and your possessions secure.

  • Use window locks, restrictors, door chains, and peep holes where fitted
  • If your home is fitted with an intercom and door entry system, please use this and do not allow access to people who are not known to you
  • Keep front and back doors locked at all times, as well as any shed or outbuilding you may have access to
  • Mark all items of value (eg laptop computers, iPods, etc) with a unique identifier using a security pen. You can also register them on a number of security websites to enable tracking if stolen

REMEMBER: Report any incidents to the police. For non emergencies, call 101. For emergencies, call 999 and ask for the police.