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Viewings for Tenancies Starting Summer 2017

Our website shows all houses and rooms that we currently expect will become available ‘To Let’ in summer. Houses are not shown on our website where tenants have confirmed their wish to stay on for a further academic year.

If you wish to view any of our properties please follow these steps:


Step 1 - Choose the properties you are interested in viewing, and register on our website

Take a look at the properties we have available and note the house/ houses that you would like to view. Then, we ask that one person registers your group under the ‘Viewings’ tab at the top of this page.
There is space for you to let us know which houses you wish to view.

This person will be our main contact and will liaise with everyone else in order to organise viewings. It is essential that this person regularly checks their email and their mobile phone messages. It would also be helpful for this person to be aware of the academic time tables of the rest of the group.


Step 2 – We will contact you to arrange viewings!

After viewing, if more than two groups wish to take a particular house, and in order to be fair to all concerned, houses are offered to a particular group based on:

  1. The date that group registered on our website (i.e. those who registered the earliest are given priority)
  2. How many of the group turned up for the viewing (i.e. a group where ‘all’ have viewed the house are given priority over a group where only some have viewed the house)
  3. The number of existing Sinclair Properties tenants in the group (if any).  Please state if you are an existing tenant when you register along with the house address in which you live. 

Once you have registered your group and the houses you wish to view, there is no need to call us. We will email you a Viewings Schedule giving you the dates that we will be carrying out viewings on the various sizes of house.

We will then contact you a week or two before the viewing date/dates to arrange a time to show you the house ~ Don't worry we won't forget to contact you!

It is very important that all the members of your group attend the viewing appointment(s). Those groups where every member turns up for a viewing will be at a distinct advantage over those who do not.

Click here for useful FREE Guidance Notes on viewing properties

Click here for a FREE table to help you Compare Properties

Step 3 – Email us which house you would like to take

After you have attended all your viewing appointments, please email Jane Giles (jane@sinclair-properties.com) stating which house (if any) you would like to take and, if possible, listing all the houses you have viewed in order of preference.

Take your time and make an informed decision. Please do not feel pressured by us or by anyone else into taking a property before you have had time to give it due consideration.

Once we have received you email, we will call you as soon as possible to let you know whether you have been successful.

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