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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

All landlords and Letting Agencies have, by law, to provide prospective tenants with sight of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on or before any documents are signed relating to the property.

The EPC is part of a series of measures being introduced across Europe to reflect legislation which will help cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change.

A EPC is the conclusion of an assessment of the property by a qualified Energy Assessor and will give you an indication of the energy efficiency and running costs of that particular house/property.

EPCs are available for all properties advertised by Sinclair Properties and we will show and explain these to you to enable you to make an informed decision.

The graphs contained within an EPC are similar to those displayed on new Fridges and Freezers in Comet, Curry's etc. One graph shows the energy rating of the house and the other graph shows the environmental impact. A house is given a rating from A to G where A is the best and G the worst, along with the maximum potential rating for that type and age of house. The current UK average for both graphs is rating E.

The EPC will also tell you the estimated running costs of the property based on standard assumptions for occupancy, heating patterns and house construction. These running costs are calculated using Government data not by the Energy Assessor and not by Sinclair Properties.

The actual running costs for a student house are very likely to exceed those estimated within an EPC due to the higher occupation levels and different heating patterns to those of a family house.

Finally, the report will make recommendations on how to make the property more efficient. These are not essential nor are they mandatory and are only intended to highlight to the landlord what measures could possibly be taken to improve the energy efficiency and thereby reduce environmental impact.

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