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Landlord Testimonials

My goodness Niall that is amazing, I'm so grateful to you & your amazing team for being so helpful & efficient. Thank you so much. 👍😊

Landlord - Landlord

Thanks to the Sinclair's team your for your continued high levels of service

Paul Tetley - Landlord

The level of service at Sinclair Properties is really good. For a start, all the staff are great! They listen to you, understand your problem and sort out any issues promptly and effectively. They also offer great advice with a level of friendliness that is rare these days.

Stephen Rands and Rebecca Horner - Landlord

Many thanks for all your very professional, efficient and helpful assistance over the period of time you've dealt with the property on my behalf. It has all been much appreciated.

Cathy Chalet - Landlord

We would like to thank you for keeping our property up to date, in good working order and looking good. Over the years we have greatly appreciated your advice and input.

Simon Street - Landlord

Thank you again for all your help and for the help we have been given by your team. The maintenance guys are really good and we also met the gardener who did a super job.

Heather and Trevor - Landlord

Your member of staff has provided excellent service in connection with the recent tenancy negotiations, even spending time during her day off to check on progress, and her commitment to securing an agreement for me should be commended.

Ros - Landlord

I see that there are now only 22 properties available to let for next year on the Sinclair Properties' website. This is just to say a big thank you for the advice you gave us to improve our houses prior to viewings and then for the effort you both, and I am sure others in the office have made to achieve student group sign ups for us on all our houses for 2011/2012. It is a big relief for us and we are very appreciative.
Many thanks

Anthony Nicholas ~ Landlord & Property Investor -

I would like to complement you and your team on the new website it looks very good and certainly must be an excellent sales tool going forward. Many thanks

Kevin Clarkson - Landlord

I've always found Sinclair's to be a highly professional company with great service and having the benefit of free maintenance.

Keith Welburn - Landlord

Sinclair Properties have managed our houses in York for over five years now. In all this time we have not had any voids with really good tenants. We think the level of service has been exceptional compared with other letting agent we have used. We particularly like the unique free maintenance that is given on each house.

Phil and Anne Stephenson - Landlord and Property Investor

Sinclair properties have taken the hassle out of letting my student houses. Their professional approach means that I am assured of my rent on time, as well as dealing with any maintenance issues that can crop up from time to time. They are always up to date with the latest legislation and help me implement any necessary action. As a landlord it is comforting to know that they have made sure the tenants have guarantors and making sure the tenants are keeping the houses as they should.

Tom Pearcy - Landlord, Property Investor and Developer

Marvellous service with great helpful advice. I would always recommend. It's a shame they don't operate in other cities!

Mike Walsh - Landlord

Delighted with the service Sinclair's has offered and they have always found tenants.

Nigel Dixon - Acedemic Staff

Living in Canada it is a worry having a rental property in York to look after but I can honestly say that in the 8 years I have dealt with Niall and his great and friendly staff I have had no such worries and I would recommend their services to anyone who needs professional property management. I feel safe in their hands and appreciate them keeping me up to date with all the loony government regulations. I have never had a vacancy and any problems, and it does happen from time to time, have been dealt with quickly and to my satisfaction.

John Zimnoch - Landlord

I am glad to have the opportunity to say how pleased I am with the service that I receive from Sinclair Properties. Niall and his team keep me on the 'straight and narrow' concerning legal requirements and also they keep me informed concerning what is needed in order to continue to derive a profit from the properties. Sinclair Properties deals with maintenance issues very efficiently - letting me know what I need to know and 'getting on' with minor or emergency issues without bothering me. I am very grateful for the help and support that I receive.

Joyce Copley - Landlord

As novices in the Buy To Let market back in 2003, we viewed a property which we thought might be suitable for students. Thankfully we also asked Sinclair's to take a look at the property and who advised us that it wasn't suitable at all. Sinclair's then advised us what to look for regarding area, types of properties and size of kitchen, bathroom, double bedrooms etc. Since then we have purchased a few more properties and Sinclair's have always given us good sound advice and checked out the properties with us before we put in an offer. At one property, where we had decided not to go ahead with the purchase, we received a phone call to say stick at it as it is a really good house. Having done this it has proved to be a really solid investment.

Jean - Landlord

As a new landlord I have always found staff at Sinclair's to be extremely helpful and professional when dealing with any concerns I had with my property. They have been able to advise me and always kept me up to date with what is happening.

SH - Landlord

I have inspected the kitchen worktop at 46 xxxxxxxxxxxx and the cleaners seem to have been able to restore it to an acceptable degree, so thank you for this. Please pass on to all your colleagues our grateful appreciation for all you have done to look after the property and very many thanks.

Harry Silcock - Landlord

Being a remote landlord, it's great to know that should anything need to be done, it gets done and they are always available 24/7 - Excellent service!

Sue Howes - Landlord

Sinclair Properties has managed our properties for more than five years. During this time they have always provided a highly professional management service with an added personal touch. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff that are always efficient, courteous and supportive. We rely on them for advice and guidance particularly about improvements to the properties and suitable contractors to undertake works. They carefully vet and manage the tenants on our behalf and insulate us from the day-to-day issues that always arise.

Peter Scholtz - Landlord