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Bills Made Simple

Sinclair Properties in partnership with Glide - "Making utility bills simpler and easier for our clients"

Glide - Bills Made Simple

Here at Sinclair Properties we like to go one step further. In addition to providing excellent accommodation services, we have formed a unique partnership with Glide to offer ONE supplier who can provide ALL your household utilities. Our sole aim is to make life much simpler and easier for you and your housemates.

All student properties advertised on our website show a basic rent level expressed ‘per person per week’ (pppw) AND also the cost ‘per person per week including a utility bills package’ (pppw Inc. bills package). Therefore you are totally free to choose how you take the property, with or without a bills package.


What Bills are actually included?

Basic Rent ~ Excludes all utility bills*. ie. You will be responsible for selecting and setting up all your utility suppliers and paying each supplier separately.

*The cost of water/sewerage (only) may be included in the ‘Basic Rent’ on some apartments.

Rent Including Bills Package ~ This is the total weekly cost including all utilities as provided by Glide. ie. Gas (if at property), Electricity, Water & Sewerage, TV Licence and Internet Broadband.

NOTE - Where high speed optic fibre (up to 78mbps) is available in the area, the cost of this premium service has been included in the ‘including Bills package’. So, if internet speed is important to you please ensure you check the speed available on the properties you like.


How are bills paid?

The Basic Rent element is paid termly usually by Direct Debit to Sinclair Properties. We will explain this fully when/if you decide to take a property and full written details will be provided.

Bills ~ if you and your housemates decide to take the ‘bills package’ option, we will pass your contact details to Glide for them to arrange the additional bills package for your chosen property. Glide will set everything up to run from the start of your tenancy, making the moving in process so much simpler. You will pay Glide a fixed monthly amount by Direct Debit.


Who are Glide?

Glide specialise in providing household utilities and other services to more than 50,000 students living in shared accommodation. Their service means that each housemate receives just one easy to understand monthly bill covering all the additional utilities and services that your home needs.

Remember the choice is totally yours! You can decide to take the house at the Basic Rent level and choose and pay for your own utilities from whichever suppliers you wish OR you can go with Glide.


Benefits of Using Glide

  • You are only responsible for your share of the bills. No chasing housemates for money, no joint liability should any of your housemates be unable to pay their share and, as a consequence, no arguments
  • Easy budgeting! You pay a fixed monthly figure based on the range of utilities and services that you choose
  • You can set up all of your utilities and services before you move into your new property
  • You only pay for what you use - if you don't use your full energy allowance you will receive a refund
  • You can manage your Glide account completely on-line. Submission of meter readings and monitoring of your usage can all be done through an online portal
  • Should you need assistance, you only have one supplier to speak to, who understand the needs of students and can answer all your questions
  • And finally, Sinclair Properties will credit your Glide account with £10 per person, to go towards your household bills. This is the ‘commission’ fee normally paid to introducers. Sinclair Properties do not accept any ‘introducer’ or ‘referral’ fees from suppliers so we are pleased to pass this on to you.

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